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​​Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose My Go-2-Guy ?

As a small father and son business, your first point of contact with My Go-2-Guy will always be with an owner. This allows us to address any concerns you may have directly and give you the best advise possible. We pride ourselves on tidy and friendly service, because our goal is to not only provide you with high quality workmanship, but an amazing experience as well. 

Do you offer free estimates ?

We offer free online estimates. Our specialty is the small jobs, which means most of what we do does not require an on site estimate. All you have to do is send us an email with a few photos, dimensions, and a description of the work to be completed, and we can create a well rounded estimate, which we will then email to you for review. For bigger jobs where a site visit is required, or if you are just more comfortable with an on site estimate a $40 inspection fee will be charged. 

Is My Go-2-Guy licensed and insured ?

The short answer is simply "yes". My Go-2-Guy has all the necessary licenses required by law and is fully insured. We carry both liability insurance ($2,000,000) and personal injury/disability insurance on top on the mandatory WSIB coverage. We do this to better protect both parties from any unforeseen incidents. 

How small of a job would you come for ?

We've been called to change light bulbs, furnace filters, and even to patch a nail hole. The small jobs are what we specialize in, because at My Go-2-Guy we understand it's the little things that turn your house in to a home. Keep in mind we do have a minimum 1 hour charge per visit. 

Do you provide a warranty ?

We do. My Go-2-Guy understands that your home is your most valuable asset and that is why we is provide a one year warranty on all labour from the date of completion. If something breaks due to an installation errors we will fix it free of charge with in that year. 

Will you work evenings and weekends ?

Yes. We understand life can get pretty busy, and it does not always allow you to be home during the workday. Work for evenings and Saturdays can be booked at a labour premium of 30%, Sundays at a labour premium of 30% and for holidays (excluding christmas) at a premium of 50%. 

​Do you provide the materials ?

Yes and No. My Go-2-Guy will provide all construction grade materials, though finishing materials such as flooring, paint, tiles, curtain rods, or any other finish grade material needs to be provided by you the customer.  However we can pick up finishing material for you if we are sent the following information, a link to the product which includes the name, colour, size of the item and where we can purchase it. A small sourcing fee may be applied.

What are your rates ?

​We here at My Go-2-Guy charge based on an hourly rate. We find that many contractors/handymen that charge by the job, just want to get in and get out with their money, and try to hide any issues they may have uncovered.  They do this because they want to make the biggest profit with the least effort. At My Go-2-Guy we believe in honesty and transparency. If we find something that needs urgent attention we stop, explain what we found and let you know what needs to be done to fix it and the approximate cost that come along with it. For all of our rates and you can pay, check out the Rates & Payments section of our website.

Where is your primary service area ? 

Our primary service area is from Lake Ontario, to the 401 and from Jane.St to Morningside.Ave. If you are a bit outside of this area don't fret. These are simply guidelines. If you live within 5 minutes of the specified area we are more than happy to help you. 

What does HomeStars Verified mean ? 

HomeStars Verified means that My Go-2-Guy has gone through a rigorous investigation by HomeStars staff to insure we are a truly reliable company. To become Homestars Verified we went through a criminal background check, we provided our HST/GST number, we provided them with our credit information, and our licensing requirements. All verified companies will have the special logo on their HomeStars page and have access to it for use on their own advertising.