​  Monthly Newsletters

This is where our monthly newsletters are stored and categorized by tip, month, and year, allowing you too quickly and easily access any and all of the information you may want to read or re-read . Newsletters go out to those on our mailing list at the end of each month, and will be posted here one month after that. 

2018 Newsletters

January 2018 Newsletter - 6 Ways to save on heating and cooling

February 2018 Newsletter - How much should I budget for home maintenance

March 2018 Newsletter - Checking your property for tripping hazards

April 2018 Newsletter - 3 Tip for the price of 1

May 2018 Newsletter - Organizing Your Home: Part 1 

June 2018 Newsletter - Organizing Your Home: Part 2

July 2018 Newsletter - Organizing Your Home: Part 3 

2017 Newsletters 

January 2017 Newsletter - Revitalize your dishwasher

February 2017 Newsletter - Silence a squeaky door hinge

March 2017 Newsletter - Spring lawn care

April 2017 Newsletter - Cheap earth friendly glass and mirror cleaner

​May 2017 Newsletter - Removing rust safely & easily

June 2017 Newsletter - Obscure toothpaste uses 

July 2017 Newsletter -  Labeling your electrical panel

August 2017 Newsletter - Rat repeller and killer 

September 2017 Newsletter - Shutting down a property for winter

October 2017 Newsletter - Cleaning your furnace filter

​November 2017 Newsletter - Turning off your outside faucet

December 2017 Newsletter - 2 Ingredient De-Icer 

2016 Newsletters

To keep our website as neat and tidy as we keep our job sites, we've began archiving our newsletters yearly. To find all our 2016 newsletter from our inaugural edition in February 2016 to December 2016 click here 

Vintage Newsletters

These are the newsletters we started with, many years ago. We have since moved to the monthly additions you see above.

Fall Newsletter 2011 - Re-caulking a bathtubs

Spring Newsletter 2013 - Spring maintenance tips

​Fall Newsletter 2013 - Fall maintenance tips 

Winter Newsletter 2014 - Basic emergency kits

​Spring Newsletter 2015 - De-cluttering for spring

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