Our business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

​The General Maintenance Technician (GMT) rate is $125 for the first hour then $95/hr thereafter.  Typically we work as a GMT team consisting of Master Handyman and an assistant.  The rate is $195 for the first hour then $150/hr thereafter.  Most clients find this model works well as we tend to accomplish more in an hour than one man could in 2-hours. This model works out to a saving of $30/hr. For safety reasons, sometimes a 2-man team is required. 


On jobs/projects that exceed 6-hrs we provide a 15% discount on labour, amounting to a savings of 250/day. We provide ALL seniors a 15% discount on labour to help them stay safe and live comfortably in their own homes for longer.

Jobs requested by the customer outside of business hours, will be billed as fallows:

Evenings & Saturdays: an additional 30% will be added to labour costs.

Sundays & Holidays: an additional 50% will be added to labour costs.


Cancellations of less than 24 hours notice are subject to a charge of $125. If re-scheduled, a $50 rebate will be applied to your invoice upon completion of the work. 


We offer free online estimates. Small home improvements and repair jobs are our specialty, these rarely require an on site estimate. To fill out an online estimate all you need to do is email us with a few photos, dimensions, and a description of the work to be completed, we will create a well rounded estimate from your email, which we will then send to you for review. For larger more detailed projects where a site visit is required, or if you are more comfortable with an on site estimate, one will be provided at a small cost of $40. That cost will be rebated back to you on any work rewarded to us from said on site estimate.

If we find any unforeseen issues after the time of the written estimate. We will notify you immediately to explain the situation, offer you possible solutions and give you the costs associated with them. 


Payment is due upon completion of the job. 

On larger projects that spans several weeks, a progress payment will be required the end of each milestone.

Projects that require large purchases of materials will require a prepayment for the materials before the project starts.

We accept Cash, cheques, email Interact, VISA and MasterCard however,  payment made by credit card will have an additional 3% surcharge added to cover processing.

A surcharge of $30 will be assessed on any return checks.

INTERAC E-Transfer Payment Instructions

It's easy, secure and only takes a few minutes. While logged onto your online banking website, go to the section where Transfers can be made and then select “e-transfers”. If you are having trouble locating it, contact your bank for more instructions.

Once you are on the e-Transfer page, enter "handyman@mygo2guy.ca" as your payment recipient.  Next, type in “invoice number” as the security question. Then type “INV and your invoice number without spaces or special characters” as written on your invoice for the answer. Use this format for example: INV123456.

Rates & Payments

We here at My Go-2-Guy believe in professionalism, quality of work and fair pricing. Our rates are competative with other legal, insured and reputable companies in the Toronto area and our work is 100% guaranteed for 1 year from the date completed. Please take a look at our rates below and contact us for an estimate.

Call us: 416-524-9177